Each of our beers represent the personality whose it is named, each one is different from the others.

We love to turn living raw ingredients into beers that have their own personality, which excite the soul and nourish the heart.

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Uncle Angiuleto is a simple and talkative person, always wishing to stay together with good friends.
He has a big and generous heart and never turns down when there is to show his altruism!


  • Amber beer with a creamy foam hat, characterized by a malty taste and marked bitterness. Taste is fruity and reminds to strawberry grapes. This beer is perfect toghether with strong taste dishes!
  • Barley malt
  • Barley flakes
  • High intensity hops bitterness
  • Single hop Simcoe
  • Top fermentation
  • Alc. 7%  Vol.
  • Intense body
  • Bottle size 33cl

Food matches

Try it with baked pork shank: delicious! If you want to give a personal touch to your dish use a hint of Angiuleto even when cooking.