Each of our beers represent the personality whose it is named, each one is different from the others.

We love to turn living raw ingredients into beers that have their own personality, which excite the soul and nourish the heart.

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Maia want to get free from the rules and restrictions of her family, she is looking forward to explore the world, get in touch with new people and different cultures.


  • Low fermentation mahogany beer, full-bodied and enchanting. Chestnut honey fragrance will lead you to the intense malty taste of this beer.
  • Excellent for sweet, intense and full-bodied beer lovers
  • Chestnut honey
  • 100% barley malt
  • Low intensity hops bitterness
  • Bottom fermentation
  • Alc. 6% Vol.
  • Intense body
  • Bottle size 33cl

Food matches

A beer that goes well with medium-aged cheese, also with something sweet like a chocolate cake.