Each of our beers represent the personality whose it is named, each one is different from the others.

We love to turn living raw ingredients into beers that have their own personality, which excite the soul and nourish the heart.

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This is where we turn our ideas into beers, where creation happens!

opening hours

Monday : 8:30-12:30 | 14:30-18:00
Tuesday : 8:30-12:30 | 14:30-18:00
Wednesday : 8:30-12:30 | 14:30-18:00
Thursday : 8:30-12:30 | 14:30-18:00
Friday : 8:30-12:30 | 14:30-18:00
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed


Our production equipment consists of a 12 hectolitres batch size cooking plant, a fermentation cellar composed by 6 fermenters with 24 hectoliters capacity each, then one 48hl size fermenter. The isobaric bottling machine in our brewery gives us the ability to package up to 1.200 bottles per hour ensuring high quality standards. Finally, for the best preservation of our beers we have a refrigerated storage warehouse with 60 pallet places available. With this equipment we can reach the production capacity of 250.000 liters per year. We also made an agreement with a logistics company to deliver our temperature-controlled beers throughout Italy within 48 hours from departure.

Homebrewing academy

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Learn how to make beer with us!

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