Each of our beers represent the personality whose it is named, each one is different from the others.

We love to turn living raw ingredients into beers that have their own personality, which excite the soul and nourish the heart.

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Beer production training course


Learn how to make beer with us!

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Are you a home brewing enthusiast? Bring your recipe and start to brew with us in our pilot plant!

In Chignolo Po, Via C.A. Dalla Chiesa 2/4 (PV).

After purchasing the course you will receive a confirmation mail with instructions on how to book the course and fix date and time.

How much beer will be produced?
At the end of bottling, 80 liters of beer will be yours!

Keep in mind that it takes about 6-7 hours to produce the wort, then the beer will remain with us to ferment and mature for about 4-6 weeks, after that time we will have to meet again for another 4-5 hours to bottle.

150€ on weekdays, 200€ on holidays for up to 3 participants. From the fourth participant € 50 for each additional person. The cost includes a brief meeting to define the type of beer to be produced + two technical-practical days of wort production and bottling as well as the use of equipment and a light lunch on the day of wort production. The costs of raw materials and packaging are excluded.

What are you waiting for? Learn how to brew beer with us!

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