Each of our beers represent the personality whose it is named, each one is different from the others.

We love to turn living raw ingredients into beers that have their own personality, which excite the soul and nourish the heart.

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Doppiobaffo Gift Card


Give to your parents or friends the opportunity to freely buy any products on our website.

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Ideal for parties, birthdays and special occasions, Doppiobaffo gift card can be used to gift a dinner at the Doppiobaffo brewpub or buy all our products on the e-shop.

An original, easy, fast and customizable gift for any occasion.

In addition, Doppiobaffo gift card is an excellent solution as a last-minute gift for relatives and friends who live far away.

Choose the amount for a gift (multiples of € 30), the Doppiobaffo gift card can also be used in multiple orders, until the available credit is used up.

During the purchase, enter the recipient's email and a message. The recipient will receive an email with the code to use the voucher immediately.

How to use the gift card?

1- Visit our website.

2- Choose the products you prefer and put them in the cart.

3- Complete the registration and go to the cashier.

4- Once in the cart, you can load and use your gift card credit by entering the code received via email in the appropriate field.

5- La validità è di 1 anno a partire dalla data di acquisto.